About Us

Our Story

Oilburg is a trading and oil Distribution Company located in the United Arab Emirates. Our activities can be resumed by 4 pillars: Trade, Bunkering, Distribution, and Hedging/Advising. Our skilled personnel with great experience in the petroleum business will be able to assist you in your inquiries.
We do mainly trade the below listed products:

  • Low and High sulfur Gasoil
  • Marine gasoil (DMA)
  • Fuel oil 180 and 380CST
  • Base Oils (SN150, SN500 and Bright stocks)
  • Bitumen (60/70 and 80/100)

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. We provide our clients quality and service to guarantee loyalty in dealing. We would like to grow with our commercial partners. We believe in long-term growth relationships that optimize efficiency, security, capacity, quality and service. No matter what are the circumstances, we do our best to satisfy our customers and reach our targets. Our competitive advantage is due to our flexibility and agility in logistic.

We are committed to build a long term relationship with our suppliers and buyers. We do provide quality petroleum products on time with guaranteed specifications. We always try to follow market needs and we try to improve our volumes. We are devoted to provide efficient and cost-effective supply to all of our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers. We aim to maximize the return to our stockholders while still maintaining quality in our products.

We are present in a very competitive market dominated by large trading houses. Our vision is build our niche markets wherein we can complement large trading houses in their business.